Our Company

We offer a full range of advice
and growth strategies.
Our mission at Blue Eagle Strategies is to provide effective and efficient advice that helps our clients develop and implement clear and winning strategies. We help clients improve decision-making, communication and relationships while reinforcing a positive team culture and improving performance.

Corporate leadership and management, particularly change management, growth strategies as well as operational and cultural facilitation both domestically and globally.

Strategic consulting on complex projects, programs and proposals, with recognition of the broad perspective (e.g. technical, political, financial, public), while understanding and achieving actual goals, not perceived goals.

Cultural shaping Culture drives everything that happens at your company. Your entire organization must understand, focus and get behind the mindsets and behaviors that will align your company in a desired and winning direction.

Education and training of key team members or entire teams to enable more efficient and effective engagement, delivery and outcomes.

Who We Are

We bring together a focused team of senior leaders
with primary experience in the private and public sector.
G. Rob Scott has 22 years of experience working in the utility industry, six years teaching at the University level, and more than 12 years in business consulting as a Vice President and CEO. Rob held numerous leadership roles with Blasland, Bouck & Lee, ARCADIS and NRG. Rob was also an adjunct and then a full time faculty member (visiting assistant professor) in the School of Business at the State University of New York at Oswego where he taught in the Marketing and Management Division. Read Rob’s full resumé.

Robert K. Goldman has 36 years experience in the consulting arena with O'Brien & Gere, Blasland, Bouck & Lee Inc. and ARCADIS. Bob has held CEO, Board and non-Board level management roles, and has extensive experience domestically and internationally. Bob currently sits on the Board of Trustees for Clarkson University and is an appointed member of the New York State Board of Engineers. Read Bob’s full resumé.

What We Do

Provide effective and efficient strategies
to help you achieve your goals.
  • Corporate and Board-level leadership and management

    Developing and implementing growth strategies in a rapidly changing, highly-competitive marketplace is at best a challenge. It requires a well-aligned team that understands the risk of complacency and one that embraces change. Instilling positive change management requires a well-designed, thorough, and thoughtful Strategic Plan, but also one that is simple, understandable by all team members and time sensitive to the situation.

    If the growth strategy relies upon a global component, the planning will require a further awareness and recognition of the cultures involved. Otherwise, the challenges will multiply and the risk of failure will increase.

  • Strategic consulting

    The principals of Blue Eagle Strategies have provided advice on complex business matters, some involving multi-billion dollar liabilities. We have found that the key to success is establishing strategies that address realistic goals, whether they are financial, regulatory, public, political, timing, and very often include third party legal and financial team members with a full agenda of legal and financial strategies.

  • Culture shaping

    Engagement with employees and the ability to listen to them is important for any organization, but it is critical for ones driving changes in their company's Culture. It is never static, it is ever changing. We all know the one constant in business is change and if your Culture isn't changing and improving your company, employees and bottom line will suffer. Blue Eagle can asses where your culture is and help you establish the key drivers that will align your company to achieve the desired results you are looking for and the momentum to keep it going.

  • Education and training

    We have experience with team dynamics and in helping bring cohesion to what can sometimes be a dysfunctional environment. This can be a highly-sensitive effort at a senior-level or a more pragmatic focus in solving day-to-day issues. Regardless of complexity, it is an important and often critical step in delivering the desired outcomes of your company.